midweek at grace marietta

wednesdays from 5:30pm-7:30pm

One thing we value is Family! We believe the church is the Family of God, leaning into the mission of God together. We want to gather together, similar to the early church, in both homes and at the church. Eating together, praying together, looking at God’s word together and discerning where God is leading us together.

But what about dinner? 

Doors will open at 5:30pm and there will be a small selection of foods available for purchase. You are also welcome to bring your dinner and eat with your church family.


What happens after that?

Starting at 6:30pm we will scatter and join our groups/classes.

Midweek Kids (Preschool-5th grade)                                                                              We will use this time for kids to dig deeper into what we are learning on Sundays. We will have worship, small group time, craft and a snack. There will be themed nights throughout the semester such as PJ night, wacky Wednesday, crazy hat and dress up as a character. Sign up here for Midweek Kids 2019 (kids must re-register for 2019).


Midweek Students (Grades 6-12)                                                                                        We will be spending time growing in community and relationship with God and one another. On certain weeks we will do a bible study and other weeks we will have a community/relationship building activity (escape room, go carts, X-drenaline, rock climbing). Students will meet in student space. 


Midweek for Adults                                                                                                            

There are two different classes for adults to attend and at the end of each of those 7 weeks, we will have a night of prayer for the nations, neighborhoods and next generation.

WITH JESUS IN THE UPPER ROOM // The last supper with Jesus was the last intimate time Jesus had with His disciples before he went to the cross, and has been called “Jesus’ Final Discourse.” Some biblical scholars refer to it as “Jesus’ Last Will and Testament to His Church”. Jesus took this time to impart important lessons for us all. 
Chapter’s 13 – 17 of John’s Gospel give us a great window into Jesus’ last hours with His closest friends before his crucifixion; what he wants to tell them (and us) before His arrest. In this seven-week group study, Maxie Dunnam, through his book With Jesus in the Upper Room, leads readers through John 13–17 to this most precious legacy of Jesus’ teaching, the distillation of His thought and message—what He really wants us to hear.

This class will require the purchase of the book, With Jesus in the Upper Room - $16.95 (purchase the book here) and approximately 20-30 minutes of reading and reflection daily, as well as group participation once a week. 

The seven weeks will include:
Week 1: John 13:1-11; Having Loved His Own, He Loved Them To The End. 
Week 2: John 13:12-38; A Foot Washing Style of Life
Week 3: John 13:34-14:26; Promises, Promises, Promises
Week 4: John 14:12-15:16; Christ’s Chosen People
Week 5: John 14:18-15:14 Joy in Relationship with Christ
Week 6: John 16:1-33 God’s Continuing Advocacy
Week 7: John 17:1-26 Listening to Jesus Pray

Please sign up for the class here.

UNDER GRACE // A 7-week prayerful consideration, exploration, and conversation based on the wondrous, liberating, profound revelation of Grace in the first Seven Chapters of the Book of Romans:

Week 1 (March 6th) - Romans Chapter 1
Week 2 (March 13th) - Romans Chapter 2 
Week 3 (March 20th) - Romans Chapter 3 
Week 4 (March 27th) - Romans Chapter 4
Week 5 (April 3rd) - Romans Chapter 5
Week 6 (April 10th) - Romans Chapter 6
Week 7 (April 17th) - Romans Chapter 7 
Led by Douglas Tappin, Brandon Dixon, Brian McCarren, and Anna Latshaw.
Running concurrently with the Sunday "Under Grace" Sermon series originated in the book of Galatians. Please sign up here.