GraceKidz is the gathering for our children’s ministry at Grace Marietta and includes nursery through 5th grade.

We believe that children play an active role in the Kingdom. GraceKidz is all about introducing kids to Jesus, helping them grow in their knowledge and understanding of their Savior and ultimately learning to trust Him and listen to the voice of Truth. We want to partner with parents, as we invite them to understand the heart of God. We long for parents to understand that they are participants in the journey. Kids are important to the Father, and so they are important to us!

God is active in the lives of kids – they can hear from God and make an impact in His Kingdom!

When do we gather

We gather during our 10:45 service.

Where do we gather

Location depends on the following age groups:

0 - 18months: Nursery
19 months - 2 years old: Toddler room
Preschool/ kindergarten: 3 years old: Preschool room
1st - 5th grade: Elementary room

How can I be involved?

We LOVE our volunteers and would love for you to join our Gracekidz family! All volunteers must pass a criminal background check in order to serve with GraceKidz. If you would like to volunteer or have any questions, please email Meredith Bennett, Coordinator of GraceKidz Ministries!